Casa Meteca Nomade

Whilst waiting to find a place to host Casa Meteca we have set up workshops and organised events thanks to the support of our friendly partners. It is a way for us to propose the type of activities that we imagine we will share in the future Casa Meteca and also to nourish and support the network of collectives already active.


We have a welcoming group every second Thursday of the month at Manifesten.

From 17hr to 20hr the doors are open to all for varied activities: small workshops to prepare nibbles for the aperitif or cakes for afternoon tea, chess club, latest releases in the bookshop to discover, to read on a comfy sofa or exchange ideas over a beverage.

If you would like to talk in person about the project, just have a drink in good company or propose an activity to add to the welcoming group don’t hesitate to stop by!


Beginners Arabic classes

Every Saturday by Mohamedsaleh Elnour: arabic lessons (no set price) at Manifesten from 3pm til 4:30pm Manifesten.

Singing workshop

Everyone is welcome to attend the workshop led by Nadia Ammour, singer and percussionist, at t au Théâtre de l’Oeuvre, on Wednesdays from 4:30pm to 5:30pm, singing as we go!

Cooking workshop

In our future hostel there will be a shared kitchen. We may as well start training now! Every second Sunday of the month at the Cantine du Midi (36 rue Bernard, 13003) to exchange flavours, recipes and the histories of traditional dishes and explore new culinary ideas.


Collectif Transbordeur
A Marseille-based collective developing projects and training programs in the fields of arts, culture and social affairs and promoting the values of popular education and public participation.

Platform for exchanging information between migrants in Marseille, developed by Collectif Transbordeur.

Collectif Soutien Migrant.e.s 13 – El Manba
Initiated September 2015, the CSM 13 organises legal support and help in finding housing, making freedom of movement its main political objective.

Café/book shop/library/philosophical debates/poetry readings.

Cantine du Midi

Project based on the pleasure of sharing one’s knowledge, ideas and enjoyable moments. A place to chat while sampling new gastronomic treats.

Théâtre de l’œuvre
Today one of the last Italian theatres in Marseille, reopened its doors on April 7, 2016 after a phase of work and a new project … the Roof-Theatre of the l’Oeuvre: bring together in one single place the current auditorium, an artists’ residence, collective activities and social accommodation.

Casa Consolat
An associative place that is part of an eco-responsible, unifying and social project. Canteen, workshops, evening events, film club, exhibitions.

A social economy business incubator in Marseille.

International Organisation Against Modern-day Slavery, which supports victims of the various forms of human trafficking.